We are a full service

Design Agency

We’re here to help you send a clear message, to the right audience, on the right platforms. Let us be your design and marketing partner.

Our skills

Brand Identity

We are passionate about strategically crafting a cohesive and memorable brand identity for your business, utilizing design elements such as logos, color schemes, and imagery to convey a distinct and impactful brand image

Website Design

The website design services at Shamus Design create visually engaging and user-friendly online platforms, combining aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency to enhance digital presence and user experience.

Photo & Video

Our photo and video services capture and preserve meaningful moments for your business, deploying skilled professionals to craft visually compelling narratives for impactful brand storytelling.

Our Work


FlavorSum helps growing food and beverage companies in North America go to market quickly and cost-effectively. We have worked with FlavorSum since 2009 to create websites, video webinars,  tradeshow booths, and more. We’ve been excited to see their company grow and take off!

Webster Electric

Webster Electric, a Kalamazoo-based electrical company, collaborated with us for a comprehensive brand overhaul. We revamped their entire visual identity, which included the redesign of their logo and website.

Arrow Chemical Products

Arrow Chemical Products develops complete cleaning solutions tailored for businesses. They required a complete visual identity system as their branding had not been refreshed in a significant period, seeking a modern and rejuvenated appearance.

Our Clients

Our Team

Chris Shamus

Principal | Creative Director

Collin Shamus

Website | Video | Photo

Nicole Shamus

Graphic | Website | Photo